Clogged Drain Repair Services

Clogged Drain Services

A clogged drain in your home can lead to all sorts of problems. The first and most obvious issue is that a clogged drain prevents water from draining out of your sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines. However, there are other problems that a clogged drain can cause, further facilitating the need for clogged drain services near me.

Clogged drains put undue stress on the pipes that are responsible for carrying wastewater away from your home. In an ideal situation, clean, fresh water flows into your home’s plumbing appliances from water pipes, and then wastewater (also referred to as gray water) flows away from your home in a different set of pipes. However, when drains become clogged, these pipes can’t do their job. If a clog is severe enough, these pipes can become disconnected or even burst. This leads to a major plumbing emergency in your home.

You also need to find a plumber for clogged drains because clogged drains can diminish the comfort level in your home. Depending on the cause and severity of the clogged drains in your home, you may start noticing noxious odors. Not only does stagnant water emit a strange odor, but the substances that are clogging your drains may begin to rot and decay in your pipes, leading to horrible smells that not only inconvenience your family, but can be embarrassing if you have guests.

If you suspect a clogged drain in your home, call Schuler Plumbing and find out how we can help you.

Signs That You Have a Clogged Drain

There are some signs that you can look ut for to let you know that you need clogged drain services in your home. Obviously, if you notice that water isn’t draining out of a sink, shower, or tub in your home, there’s a good chance that you have a clogged drain. While that one is obvious, there may be some other telltale signs that you need a plumber for clogged drains.

Another surefire sign of a clogged drain is the presence of sewage smells in your home. It won’t take you long to notice the distinct odor of a backed-up sewer line, but you will want to respond quickly. Contrary to popular belief, sewage smells don’t only come from toilets. When any substance in your sewer lines starts to decay, the pungent odor will be unmistakable.

If the sight of standing water and the smell of sewage buildup doesn’t tip you off, you can also use your sense of hearing. When water tries to go through a clogged drain, you may hear strange gurgling noises coming from your plumbing system. When water is flowing freely, it flows silently. Gurgling noises are always a sign of a plumbing issue.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

If water was the only thing that passed through drains, they would never clog. But that’s simply not the case. Drains undergo a lot of stress because of the substances that pass through them.

Your kitchen drains are some of the most likely to drain, primarily because food, grease, and other non-soluble substances that go through them. When food scraps are washed from your dishes when you pre-rinse them before using your dishwasher, those substances can cause a drain clog.

Your bathroom drains are also prone to clogs. Hair, toilet paper, and even the soap that you use can cause drains. Many soaps have animal fats as an ingredient, and the same fat that clogs kitchen drains can wreak havoc on bathroom drains.

When To Hire Our Plumbers for Clogged Drain Services

We fully understand that most people don’t call a plumber the first time they think they have a clogged drain. Instead, you will probably go to a store and buy a bottle of drain cleaner. If a drain clog is small enough, that bottle of drain cleaner that you can grab at a hardware store a big-box retailer may get the job done. If it doesn’t, you should call Schuler Plumbing.

You should also call us to handle a clogged drain if you’re noticing the signs of a clogged drain in multiple areas of your home. If your kitchen sink is clogged, you may be able to handle that on your own. However, if multiple areas are experiencing water backup, the clog is probably embedded somewhere in your plumbing system.

The Schuler Plumbing Difference

Every person who pulls into your driveway with a pipe wrench isn’t capable of providing the kind of top-notch clogged drain services that you’re looking for. At Schuler Plumbing, we understand what it means to go the extra mile for our clients, and we allow that to drive everything that we do.

For instance, while some plumbing companies may come into your home, complete a job, and then leave you with a huge mess to clean up, that’s not what we do. We believe that cleaning up after we complete a plumbing repair or installation is a major part of the job. Our goal is to minimize your inconvenience in everything that we do.

Schuler Plumbing’s commitment to go above and beyond probably goes back to the fact that we are a veteran-owned company, and we strive to display the same kind of honor and commitment to excellence that the brave men and women who protect our country do. We treat our clients like friends and neighbors because that’s what you are to us.


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