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The pipes in your home are some of the unsung heroes of your plumbing system. Without those pipes, turning your faucets, turning on your washing machine, and using any of the other plumbing appliances in your home would be pointless, as there would be no way for water to get to them. There is another set of pipes that are just as important. Once you have used water, it becomes wastewater, also referred to as “gray water.” When that water passes through your drains, a completely different set of pipes is responsible for carrying the water to your septic tank. When something goes wrong with even one of these pipes, you need piping and repiping services.

Fortunately, Schuler Plumbing offers a wide variety of piping and repiping services. Our plumbers know how to identify pipe problems quickly, and have access to the tools necessary to repair or replace damaged pipes in your home’s plumbing system. When you’re having a plumbing emergency because of a damaged or broken pipe, you need a repiping specialist. That means that you need Schuler Plumbing. Contact us today to find out how we can fix your plumbing problems.

Average Lifespan of Pipes

None of the appliances or systems in your home are going to last forever. We know that’s true when we have these systems and appliances installed. That doesn’t mean that you don’t want to get as much life as possible out of everything in your home, though. Some of the most frequent questions we get asked when people search for piping and repiping services near me involve how long they should expect their pipes to last.

One of the most important aspects of determining the lifespan of your pipes is to know what they’re made of. For instance, copper pipes can last 50 or more years. While that number may sound great, there are some other factors to consider. Copper pipes were very common in homes that were built decades ago, but when it was discovered that they may contain trace amounts of lead, they were replaced with the PVC pipes that we see today. That means that if you have copper pipes in your home, they’ve probably been there for a long time, and may be nearing the end of their lifespan.

According to multiple manufacturers who produce PVC pipes, these polyvinyl chloride pipes have an “indefinite” lifespan. However, it’s important to understand that there are several ways that you can shorten the lifespan of those pipes, such as pouring boiling water down the drain in your sink. When exposed to high temperatures, these PVC pipes may warp and melt. Additionally, when dealing with the pipes that are underground around your home, tree root intrusion is a common problem for PVC pipes.

Schuler Plumbing is proud to install the best pipes on the market, and you should expect to get decades of use out of them. However, in order to do that, it’s important that you do your part to take care of those pipes and call for a professional repiping specialist at the first sign of trouble.

Signs You May Have Pipe Damage

Most of the pipes that make up your home’s plumbing system aren’t visible. While you may be able to see the pipe directly under your sinks or basins, most of the pipes, such as the ones that go to and from your showers and tubs, are situated behind the walls in your home. That means that if something goes wrong with a pipe in your home, you probably won’t be able to see it. However, you can look for the sign of damaged pipes, allowing you to quickly call for a plumber for repiping.

Inconsistent Water Pressure

When you notice ebbs and flows in your home’s water pressure, don’t just assume that it’s the city’s fault. Instead, there’s a good chance that you need a plumber for repiping. Pressure changes not only stem from damaged water pipes, but they can also create new ones. When water flows at a higher pressure to compensate for a damaged pipe, it can damage other pipe fittings, creating a whole new set of problems.

Water Smells Funny

The water that flows from your faucets should have no scent at all. However, if your pipes are damaged you may notice a sulfuric smell that resembles that of rotten eggs. When sewage pipes that carry water away from your home are damaged, you run the risk of sewage getting into your “clean” water. If you notice this odor in your water, call for a professional plumber immediately.

You Can Hear Water

When water isn’t running, you shouldn’t be able to hear water. That may sound obvious, but it’s important that you notice the “hissing” sound associated with water spraying out of a damaged pipe in your home. Depending on where the pipe issue is located, you may also notice a gurgling sound coming from your pipes. If you hear any of these sounds coming from your walls, there’s a good chance that you have a damaged pipe.

Increased Water Bill

Even if you don’t hear the sound of water coming from a pipe in your wall, it won’t take you long to notice an increase in your water bill. Water bills are one of the few bills that should hover around the same amount every month. After all, you and your family probably take the same number of showers, do the same number of dishes, and the same amount of laundry every month. If you notice a drastic increase in your monthly water bill, it’s safe to assume that a pipe in your home is leaking water.

Evidence of Water

Finally, if you notice puddles of water under your sinks, puddles in the floor, or water damage on your walls or ceiling, there’s a damaged pipe. While this is always a troubling sight, this does mean that you know where the damaged pipe is located. This will make things much quicker when you call a plumber to come out to replace or repair the damaged pipe.

Benefits of Fixing or Replacing Your Pipes

While many people want to avoid repiping their home, there are several benefits associated with it. Upgrading your plumbing system with new pipes has several benefits that you should consider.

Increasing Your Plumbing System’s Lifespan

As we’ve already established, the pipes in your home should last for decades. However, if you live in a home that was built 50 years ago and still has the original plumbing, there’s a good chance that your pipes are nearing the end of their lifespan. Having new pipes installed in your home can hit the reset button, meaning you may never have to worry about having your pipes replaced again.

Replacing Outdated Materials

While we’ve established that copper pipes may be dangerous, there’s another type of pipe that was initially introduced to replace them. Polybutylene pipes were commonly used to replace copper pipes, but they aren’t exactly the sturdiest pipes. It’s very common for these pipes to break and become disconnected. Upgrading to modern PVC pipes can help prevent future plumbing emergencies.

Putting a Stop to Contaminated Water

If the water in your home is discolored or stinky, the pipes may very well be to blame. Upgrading the pipes in your home can ensure that you’re cooking, washing, and cleaning with pure, clean water.

Fix Your Water Pressure

Even if a pipe in your home isn’t broken, deteriorating pipes can lead to reduced water pressure. If you’re tired of trying to shower with nothing more than a trickle, upgrading your home’s pipes can ensure that you’re getting consistent, adequate waterflow from your faucets and showerheads.

What to Expect When Our Professionals Fix or Replace Your Pipes

There’s no denying that repiping your home is a big job. After all, the existing pipes have to be completely removed so they can be replaced. Even if you opt for partial repiping, the process is going to take some time. However, you can rest assured that the Schuler Plumbing team member who is handling the job for you knows how to get things done quickly and correctly. While there will be some inconvenience associated with not being able to use your plumbing system, we will work tirelessly to make sure the job is done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

The Schuler Plumbing Difference

At Schuler Plumbing, we care about our customers because we are committed to our community. As a locally owned and operated, family-owned, veteran-owned business, we are proud members of the communities that you live in. We are the people who you see in line at the grocery store, the people who sit beside you at church, and the people who have kids on your child’s little league team. We are connected to our community because we’re proud to call this place home. That means that we will always treat you like a friend and a neighbor because that’s what you are to us.

Additionally, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured. This is especially important when looking for a plumber to handle a job as large as repiping your home. You never have to worry about being faced with additional financial ramifications associated with an unlikely problem during a job of this magnitude.

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