Your toilet is one plumbing fixture that can begin to feel like a permanent fixture in your home. Sadly, you and your porcelain pal won’t last forever. The following signs from our 24 hour plumber will let you know when you need a new toilet.

Your Toilet is Old

Toilets get a lot of use. As a result, they eventually will wear out. Over time, replacing an old toilet is also more cost-effective than repairing worn components.

The government’s Energy Policy Act requires all toilets installed after 1994 to flush using no more than 1.6 gallons of water. Since older models typically use between three-and-one-half and five gallons of water, a newer model can help you use less water.

There’s a Crack in Your Toilet Tank

You might assume that a cracked toilet tank would result in a dramatic visit from the 24 hour plumber. This is not necessarily the case since cracks come in all sizes. They also appear in all locations.

If you find unexplained water near your toilet, you might carefully look over your tank for cracks. A cracked tank isn’t always an express ticket to porcelain paradise for your hard-working commode. Emergency plumbing solutions don’t always require a new fixture. If the crack appears higher than the water line inside your tank, our emergency plumbing solutions crew might recommend a repair.

There’s a Leak Without a Cracked Tank

Cracked tanks are not the only cause of toilet leaks. If you notice your water bill increase, you might have a leaking toilet. Our 24 hour plumber frequently sees bad flanges, faulty seals, and other broken components. While a leak can be subtle, even a minor leak can cause extensive damage to your floors and subfloors.

Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running

A constantly running toilet can drive up your water bill and keep you up at night. This plumbing woe is more than an annoyance. It wastes water. While you don’t need to make a midnight call to our emergency plumbing service, you need to have a running toilet fixed by a professional plumber.

Even though the theory behind toilet function is easy to understand, toilets have multiple internal components that require delicate adjustment. While you sometimes can get the water to stop running by wiggling the toilet handle, this move doesn’t address the underlying problem. If multiple parts require replacing, your emergency plumbing service might recommend replacing the entire toilet.

Your Toilet Clogs Frequently

A clogged toilet is a part of life. A frequently clogged toilet is a sign of deeper issues that need to be addressed. If you’re plunging your toilet more than once per week, call in an emergency plumbing service for a quick evaluation.

Your Toilet Won’t Flush At All

A toilet that won’t flush is unsanitary and a public health hazard. When your toilet doesn’t flush, you need to call a professional for immediate emergency plumbing solutions. When your toilet is broken, please don’t try to stick a pole or other object into it to assess the situation or fix the commode yourself. Stay safe and immediately call a 24 hour plumber for help.

You’ve Become Your Own Weekend Emergency Plumbing Service

If your toilet has frequent issues, stop spending time trying to fix it. Instead, give our professional emergency plumbing solutions team at Schuler Plumbing, LLC a call. We’ll be glad to provide you with an emergency plumbing service so you can enjoy your weekends again.