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A broken water line can result in a slow leak or a catastrophic flood. While it generally starts as a slow leak, it can quickly turn into a big mess. Any noticeable leaks should be addressed immediately.

We Offer Water Line Repair Services

Schuler Plumbing knows just how disruptive a damaged water line can be. If the leak is small, we can help you schedule the best time to shut off water to your home so our water line plumber can fix the problem. However, this should be addressed as soon as possible. A damaged or corroded water supply line can also harm the plumbing inside of your home.

For example, if you have recently replaced your hot water heater, water lines that are loaded with corrosion flakes or other debris can quickly damage your brand new water heater. Debris and grit in your water lines can also be harmful to the water dispenser and icemaker in your refrigerator. At the very least, it can clog your filters which may impact the efficiency of your appliances.

Common Causes that Damage Water Lines

Extreme cold can damage water lines. If you live in an area with high groundwater levels and a cold snap hits, the unstable soil around and under your home can actually buckle when the ground water freezes.

A water line that lies above this frozen ground water will flex a bit in the winter. When the ground water thaws, your home may settle and the line will relax. While it’s rare that a water line will snap, this type of flexing can weaken connections. It can also cause problems where the water line enters the house. We at Schuler Plumbing can help seal these connections and fix small leaks before you have a messy flood in your basement.

How Do I Know if My Water Line Needs Repair?

If you have had plenty of rain and your lawn looks great, a leak will be hard to detect. If you’re in the middle of a drought and you have a bright green patch of lawn that always seems moist, you probably have a leak and need a water line plumber.

You may also notice a spike in usage on your water bill. If you haven’t recently filled a pool or had a large family gathering with many overnight guests using your shower, water may be soaking into the soil outside your home.

If you notice a wet patch of grass, you may be tempted to dig down to find out what’s going on instead of calling a water line repair company. Please don’t! While electric and gas can’t be run in the same trench due to building code restrictions, water and natural gas lines may be in the same vicinity. You may also find yourself sliding into a wet, slippery hole in your yard and notice that your sewer line is also in the same trench if you try to dig down to your water line. Here at Schuler Plumbing, we have the tools and gear necessary to safely check your water line.

Signs of a damaged or failing water line inside your home may include discolored water coming from the tap or rust stains where the tap drips even if the running water is clear. Your house is trying to tell you something. These things will not get better on their own, and you need to reach out to a water line repair company. If the water is on and you have no pressure, especially if you are only using one tap, the line coming into the house may be, at least, partially clogged.

What to Expect When Our Professionals Come to Repair Your Water Line

The first thing we do before a water line repair is to mark where the lines are located. Because modern construction projects can include cable and phone lines underground, anyone digging needs to know what they’re facing. Here at Schuler Plumbing, we have the tools necessary to dig safely and all of the required insurance in place. An insured water line repair company is a good investment.

The water to your home will need to be shut off, and depending on local water line repair regulations, we may need to run a new line from the water main to your home. However, there are many areas where you can simply get your water line cut and sealed on the side of the break away from your home and a new line from the cut into the house. We at Schuler Plumbing know the local building codes and can help you stay in compliance.

It should be noted that those who live in older neighborhoods may be facing uncertainty at the end of the water line repair dig. Schuler Plumbing can work with construction materials of all generations, and we know the history of the neighborhoods we serve. If the whole line is corroded, you’re better off to replace the entire thing rather than fixing the current leak and hoping for the best. Of course, if the water lines into your home are lead or otherwise unsafe, you will need to get them completely replaced for the safety of your family.

The Schuler Plumbing Difference

Looking for “water line repair near me?” Here at Schuler Plumbing, Minnesota winters are always a concern. We know just how important it is that your family enjoys reliable plumbing as soon as the first freeze hits. Whether you need a small water line repair or the whole water line replaced, our licensed, bonded, and insured professionals can help.

Schuler Plumbing is a veteran-owned, family-owned business that has long served the NW Metro area around Minneapolis. We offer water line repair services during normal business hours as well as 24-hour service for emergency repairs. We’d love to help you get your plumbing needs met before they become a crisis, but you can give us a call any time.

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